• Client Access Portal

    Through GCL online inquiry system, not only HR but also employees could log in to get related information. For employees, they could inquiry the benefit scheme,  remaining coverage, claim details and other medical information. Meanwhile, they also could get key information for pension account such as account value, vesting scale, investment profit and unit price. For the company's whole benefits information, HR from Headquarter or different sub-offices have right to review through this online inquiry system.


    Except inquiry, also this system provides functions for downloading some daily forms and e-handbooks aiming to supply the most conventient service for HR and employees.  Meanwhile, regaiding on the change of individual information such as email and phone no. , employees could update online by himself or herself.


    From the clients' HR's side: we provide comprehensive claim statistics, including: Claims Statistics by risk, Claim Statistics by legal entity, Top Reimbursement by ICD-10 Code, Catastrophic Claims, Claim Statistics by eligibility, Claim Statistics by paid claim band, Top OP visits by insurant, Claim Statistics by insurance plan, Top claims by ICD-10 Code, Top Reimbursement by insurants and even one report with multiple policies, which can almost reflect every aspect of the claim status.