• Flexible Benefits

    Flexible Benefit, which provides multiple choices for insurance benefits, annual leave, outing, physical examination and dozens of other benefit items on employees' own willing under certain restrictions, is increasingly popular among employees and employers.


    Employers regard flexible benefit plans as an effective method of controlling rising health care costs while providing an opportunity for employees to respond to their own unique health care needs. Employees will not choose the benefits useless from their point of view, which will save the room for the truly needed benefits. With the flex, employees have the opportunity to determine (within certain limits) how employer’s budget for benefits is spent on their behalf.


    As the flexible choices give birth to hundreds of different compounds of insurance plans, it brings heavy burden on the operation and administration procedures of insurers. With the trends of flex usage and its strong and supportive IT system, GCL develop a powerful and comprehensive flex system, which enrols the flex plans by insurance lines and avoid the burden of tons of plan compounds.


    When full flexible benefits generally involve a professional system from HR consulting firms, GCL's flex system well adapts to the consulting firms' flex system and largely ease the enrollment and afterwards admin process. Besides, GCL itself has a system for insurance plan choice, with no extra charge for clients, allowing the employees to choose optional insurance plans on GCL's system.


    With dozens of clients setting their full flexible benefits' insurance parts and optional insurance plans in GCL, we delightedly embrace the people-oriented flexible benefits and simplified optional insurance plan choices.