• Group Pension

    Customer-Centric Principle


    In our approach we focus on delivery of what our clients expect, top class investment and consultancy advice based on accurate administration services.


    We recognise that we share a common objective: that of ensuring compliance with legislative responsibilities, whilst at the same time delivering customized solutions that allow them to fully understand their savings and retirement needs.


    We’re not out to blind anyone with science or impress anyone with jargon. We present transparent account information with technology to impress employees and let them feel relieved about their future.


    At a glance


    ●  Pension plan for employees retirement

    ●  Savings plan for talents retention

    ●  Combined plan with both effect

    Goal ●  Clarify structure, simplify management and comply with the law
    Cost ●  Competitive and transparent charges

    ●  Management, statistics and communication services for employer

    ●  Enquiry, payments and consulting services for employees

    ●  Customized creative service

    ●  Added-value HR service


    ●  Multiple investment choices

    ●  Stable investment and risk control suggests for both employer and employees


    ●  Constantly monitor risk, reduce the impact of the financial market volatility

    ●  Help employers on investment risk management and security benefits