• Service Commitments

    We are able to provide natianal service for our clients through our local branches and other local service people belonging to GCL headquarter. In order to make employees understood the benefit scheme sufficiently and accurately, we'll help HR to make staff employee benefit briefing sessions. Except onsite sessions, we also could provide staff benefit handbooks with hardcopy or softcopy, detailed depand on the number of employees. For medical claim, we provide on-site collective and consultive service for main cities. Employees could sumbit claim materials to our on-site service people directly andy any inquiry will be replied immediately. For the outcome of claim, we have mutiple channels to inform employees. Once cloes this claim case, our IT system will send the claim notification to employees by email or SMS on the second day automatially. For questioned claim case, our account manager will contact with employee one by one on the phone. Each client in GCL will have one or more excludsive account manager for its daily service.